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About Etmam

The Developers Services Center, which was established pursuant to Royal Decree No. (7262) issued on 8/2/1437 AH, is one of the most important initiatives aimed at facilitating the way to launch the real estate sector in the Kingdom and creating an attractive environment in which the volume of investments in this sector increases from within And outside the Kingdom, and the pace of work in housing projects accelerates, which increases the volume of supply of housing units annually and achieves the national goal of facilitating the citizen's access to adequate housing. Where the Center, through partnership and cooperation agreements and its permanent representatives of the concerned authorities (such as the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and others), plays the role of a link through which the real estate developer can follow up his transactions during the various stages of developing his project, and the center also undertakes The task of submitting requests for licenses, credits and deliveries, directing and following up with the various authorities, and ensuring that they are completed with the required speed. The center also studies the stages of real estate development processes and the laws and regulations governing them, and direct cooperation with all relevant bodies and authorities, to work on developing regulations and facilitating procedures in order to facilitate the work of the real estate developer and push the development of residential projects.

Our Vision

To be the enabling platform for developers to grow the real estate development sector.

Our Message

Facilitating the procedures for conducting real estate development work through excellence in providing one-place services to real estate developers, providing an integrated digital platform to accelerate the processes of approvals and approvals for real estate development with stakeholders, and providing integrated consulting solutions to real estate developers, in order to contribute effectively to the development of the real estate development sector.

Strategic Goal

Improving the performance of the real estate sector and raising its contribution to the GDP.


The center communicates with each of the agencies and representatives of real estate developers to ensure the continued improvement of services and remove obstacles to projects through periodic meetings in which the status of requests is reviewed at each party, in addition to discussing proposals to improve procedures and systems submitted by the center and developers.

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